Jan 08, 2018 34

9 Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Here are some great gift ideas you can try out for an upcoming baby shower.

Put Together Stuff for the Teething Baby

You can either get the new baby some teething toys and a rattle with beads to calm the crying baby down or you can the new mom a gift card to buy these things. They might like the gift card idea better since the mom and baby can have a great shopping time outside when he or she starts to teeth.

Give the Baby a Sense of Style

You can get some baby clothes for the newborn. Go for comfy and cute material for the baby. You can include little jumpsuits of the medium size (because you might not know the exact size of the baby), a knit cap, a cute jersey cardigan and even some footie pajamas and leggings.

Make the Memories Last

You can also gift the new parents with baby cards. They can enjoy all the “firsts” of the baby by snapping these incidents and inserting them into some beautifully crafted baby cards. It is a great way to mark the important milestones of the baby.

Get Baby Toys

You can get the new baby cute play things too. Get something cozy and comfy, but make sure it rattles at the same time. A rattly and cute toy can be the new baby’s best sleeping pal.

Get the New Parents a Baby Book

There are so many things the new parents can take pictures of during the first year of the baby. Get the new parents a big baby book to gather up the precious moments. You can get a book where the parents can put down special and small notes of the dates and the times of memorable incidents.

You Can Throw In a Small Nightlight Too

Talk about unique and super useful gifts! You can throw in a nightlight into the baby care package you are planning to bring to the baby shower. This will come in handy when the baby is asleep and in need of some softly glowing light in the room.

It Is Never Too Early To Teach Kids

Help the growing baby learn and develop responsive skills. Colourful toys, fun music and different building items can really help the baby with the cerebral development. The moving colours can be observed well by the babies according to the experts.

You Can Add a Bath Thermometer

You can also add a bath thermometer to the care package that you are planning to give to the newborn baby. This will come in handy for the new parents who might get exhausted easily from dipping their hands in the hot water.

Buy Something for Mommy and Daddy

You can get the new parents a gift certificate for a great time out or a date night away from the new member of the family. A nice dinner date a few months after the baby is born can work well for the parents.