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What are the Various Australian Standard Safety Signs? Where to Apply These?

If you have a workplace where special uniform for protection from potential hazards has to be worn, then you must follow the Australian Standard Safety standards for placing and designing the signboards.

You need to correct the signs in a way that they comply with Australian Standards. This standard sets out several requirements in terms of designs, usage, and safety control behaviour.

As per Australian Standard AS 1319-1994, Safety signs exhibit various signs, to inform about fire safety, emergency exits and compliance-related issues. These issues are resolved by these safety boards:

Danger Signs

These safety signs signal the most critical hazards, where special attention and precaution must be practised. On these boards, it is necessary to print the word "DANGER" in bold letters. These words are printed in white letters with a red background to make these extra visible from a length. It is perceived by danger sign indicating death or serious injury if not followed cautiously. Safety alert symbol looking like exclamation mark is also inserted.

Warning Signs

These signs are placed at the places, where a danger sign is not needed. The places where danger is not so severe but a warning needs to be included to aware people about the potential hazards of the place. "WARNING" signal is preceded by a safety symbol in general. It is generally printed on black fonts with orange colour in the background.

Caution Signs

Unawareness of safety signs may result in minor injuries if not followed properly. These are generally used in multiple areas to warn people against unsafe practices. "CAUTION" word, depicting signal of cautious behaviour is printed on a yellow background with black font along with a safety symbol.

Where to Place These Signs?

These signs are used as a means to prevent accidental injury of the employees working and visitors, who are exposed to potential dangers with little negligence.

If you are unsure of where to place these signs, you need to follow these guidelines:

Danger Signs: To be placed at the place of immediate danger which can lead to death or loss of limb.

Warning Signs: Required at the places of potential hazards, they can be used as a warning against insecure practices and negligence.

Caution Signs: These signs are needed to create a safe environment. These signs can be placed where safety is critical.

Note: Make sure that these signs should not make hazard themselves. These signs should not have sharp edges and splinters which could result in injuries.


These safety and health signs are very easily available for sale in the market. You can also design them for personal use. You can easily contact a dealer who will provide you with these safety signs in bulk.

These signs are available in various materials such as vinyl, plastics, aluminium depending upon n the requirement and usage. But make sure that you apply correct signboards at the right place to avoid confusion and present ideal information.