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What are the pros and cons of Digital Printing?

Needless to say, the inception of digitization has brought a revolutionary change in the printing industry. Digital Printing methods include modern printing methods like laser and ink-jet printing. As the photo or image can be directly transferred to the printing in various formats, it eliminates the need for printing plates.

When it comes to printing, many people tussle between the two methods of digital printing and traditional printing. However, today many consider the digital printing technique as it is modern and less time-consuming. If you are also thinking to go for digital printing then knowing about both pros and cons will help you to be assured of your decision. 

Here are the pros and cons of digital printing.


Generally, the pros of digital printing are more than the cons

Faster service

If you are in a hurry or you need your printing done quickly to meet the deadline then digital printing is the best option for you. It doesn’t take much time to print your image.

Make the changes you want

The best thing about digital printing is that you can make the changes if you want to as per your need. Digital Printing provides easy and accurate proofing. That means you can review and identify and make the changes it needs.

Choose your own design and style

You can choose any style, design, layout, and color to display your photo. There is a wide range of options available to you. Moreover, you can also choose the size. Thus, in digital printing, the control of creativity is in your hands.

Cost-effective in case of low quantity

When you want to print in a low quantity, that is, if there are not more materials to be printed then opt digital printing. This is because in that case, it is cost-efficient. Also, the costs of materials like printing plates is saved in digital printing. 


When we talk about the cons of digital printing, they are not less than the pros.

Color Matching capability

The differences in inks and toners used in each printing machine can cause little difference in colors. Also, the color quality is more durable in Litho printing than digital printing. This is because the digital printer inks fade faster in direct sunlight. Furthermore, usually, digital prints cannot handle metallic inks. So, if you want metallic or fluorescent colors for your print then screen printing can be a better option for you than Digital Printing.

Quantity of prints

If you want to print in bulk or large quantity then digital printing may cost you a bit higher. In that case, traditional printing can be a good option. However, traditional printing is time-consuming, so if you are running short of time then digital printing is the best choice.


These are the pros and cons of digital printing. If we look at it in totality then Digital Printing has more pros than cons which makes it the best choice.