Jun 07, 2019 0

5 Practical Advice for Designing an Influencing Business Card

Yes, I know in this era of digitalization, keeping or distributing business cards has become a little outdated concept. But it is also true that nothing can beat the importance of an attractive physical business card over those virtual advertising.

So don’t hesitate to create something special to promote your business and have a network of your own.

Here, I am providing some key features that should be included in your business card to make it more impressive.

1.Business Logo

Including the logo and tag line of the business is the most important thing that should be considered in your business card. Before selecting other things, like color combination and material of business card, it should be properly insured that business card includes tag line and logo of the business at a prominent place.

Anyone holding your business card must be fully aware of the business that you go through. The tag line and logo of your business spells out your values which which differentiates your card and business from all others.

2.Contact information

The contact numbers and source should be truly professional and direct. There is no need to mention contact information in disguise form. The contact numbers provided should be working at al times. For Example, I wouldn't like to ask your neighbours to handover calls to you. Avoid giving personal numbers and contacts on a business card.

Nowadays, E-mail should also be included on your business card and mail box should also be checked once in a while.

3.Functional Name and Job Title

Rather than including your official name on the business card, it is always beneficial to print your functional name or known name. The advantage of including a functional name which is known to everyone safeguards you from the awkwardness of introducing yourself with some other name in next confrontation.

Along with your official job title, its also better to include your functional job title. Yeah I know writing CEO, a partner might seem fancy to you but at the same time, it becomes difficult for other people to know the purpose or services you can provide.

4.White Spaces

Your business card should never be over-stuffed with pieces of information. By mentioning white spaces I am hereby not referring to the color White, rather I am talking about the blank spaces in your whole canvas of business card.

Providing your card with some blank space makes your card look smart and provides readability at the same time.

5.Social Media profiles

Nowadays there are no businesses without any social media existence. Recent studies have shown that businesses with more social media presence earn more. Providing your social media profile is not a show-off these days but it has become a necessity.

So, now you know what to include in your business card and what you should not! Go and design a business card of your choice using graphics or have a pre-designed template. If you are unable to design one for yourself, there are many digital printing services providers available both online and offline, who can assist you to design a smart and concise business card.