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How to Get relief from anxiety by using essential oils?

Are you afraid of facing the public? Does panic attacks often visit you? sweaty palms, dry mouth, shivering legs, worry, dizziness, are some of the symptoms that you are really worried about then this is nothing but anxiety.

Anxiety is an uncommon problem where 18% of the world’s population deals with anxiety every day, and do you know how to treat anxiety naturally? That is by using some of the essential oils like lavender essential oil and orange essential oil.

Moving forward you will know how that the essential oils can treat anxiety effectively without any side-effects, there are also other treatments where antidepressants, anxiolytic drugs and some of the sleeping pills are included as a part of your treatment which will surely have the side-effects but treating naturally by using some of the essential oils can work more effectively.

Essential oils are having the power to control your senses when they get absorbed by your body or when you just inhale them, when the fragrance of the essential oils enter the body you can feel the smell and the receptors get activated.

Lest us gain knowledge about the orange essential oils and lavender essential oil.

Sweet orange essential oils are one of the best and also a well-known essential oil that can reduce anxiety and can help you to get out of it without any of the chemical pills.

This orange essential oil is used in various cosmetics for a pleasant and fresh feel, this orange essential oil is purely extracted in natural ways from owlpure and this is completely an organic essential oil, and orange essential oil consists of bioactive molecules like limonene which can diffuse into your body rapidly through lungs.

These molecules which are present in the orange essential oil can activate your brain through the limbic system and can regulate the cortisol levels by decreasing anxiety.

Research backs the application of the orange essential oil as an anxiolytic agent which can combat stress and also hypertension, this orange essential oil can be inhaled or applied topically and can also be massaged on some of the body parts in order to reduce anxiety arising in situations like surgeries, dental procedures, and depression.

One more essential oil that can help you to get rid of anxiety is lavender essential oil, the lavender essential oil which is also called as Lavandula angustifolia has antibacterial, antifungal, anxiolytic, analgesic, carminative properties and also vulnerary effects to fight against anxiety.

There are also some of the other benefits of using essential oils like how to get rid of flu using essential oils? Is one of the common questions from people in a similar way there are many added benefits of using essential oils.

Traditional and folk medicine uses lavender essential oil for reducing anxiety and also depression, this has been recently supported by the clinical data, the lavender essential oil consists of lipophilic extracts in concentrated form which is an extract from terpenoid constituents such as linalyl acetate, linalool and this can penetrate the cell membranes and can act on specific activity centers effectively.

Lavender essential oil is suggested to use regularly as because it is not having any of the side-effects and can be used for topical application, ingestion and also inhalation.

There are also some of the other oils that can help in treating anxiety, like bergamot oil, frankincense oil, clary sage oil, rose essential oil, Ylang-Ylang oil, chamomile oil, vetiver essential oil, and geranium essential oil.

The only ways that you can use any of the essential oil to treat anxiety is to follow the process of inhalation, just add few drops of essential oils to oil diffusers and try using them in the place of fresheners, pillow mists, bath fresheners, and incense sticks.

The topical application includes mixing the essential oils with carrier oils and use them in diluted forms some of the other oils that you dilute can irritate your skin so, read the instructions carefully before you use them.


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