May 16, 2017 22

A New City, A New Passion

A few years ago, I followed my then-girlfriend to Chicago after spending the first 30 years of my life in Los Angeles. As expected, my first few months in my new home proved to be an immense challenge. At times I was homesick. I was out of my comfort zone, started a brand new job and had to make all new friends. It was also the best decision of my life.

The move taught me valuable lessons about myself, my relationship and my passions. It strengthened the bond with my then-girlfriend, whom now I’m blessed to call my wife. It also provided me an opportunity to fall in love with photography. I bought my first camera during this time (a used Sony A7ii) as a way of introducing myself to the place that I called home. I spent countless hours exploring Chicago, camera in hand, hoping to get lost so that I had an excuse to capture more of the stunning architecture and people. 

Since then, we’ve traveled quite a bit and decided to move back to California. We now call San Francisco our home and my passion for photography has yet to subside. I don't think it ever will. There’s no shortage of beautiful places and people in this great country and I find myself drawn to capturing these moments. Undoubtedly, my camera has strengthen my passion to explore places new and old alike, and savor those memories forever. I can't wait to find out where life takes us next.