May 09, 2017 10

LA to NY.

Los Angeles to Buffalo. My father had passed away a few days before Thanksgiving this past year, 2016, meaning I had to come back to New York where I was from from for many months to deal with endless paperwork and phone calls, estates, and doing all of this with coping with the loss of my dad. This meant leaving LA where I had just moved to, and was in love with. I had to return to California to sell a car I'd left in early April and was planning to fly back to Buffalo and then head back for good (again) on a road trip in the car I had in NY. But, when few things are planned, anything can and will happen. I bought a massive Audi SUV in Beverly Hills  and decided to make a trip back, that I hadn't anticipated, one to remember. From Beverly Hills, to the high desert of the Mojave, into Las Vegas, Zion, Escalante, Arches, Colorado Springs, 4 blizzards in Nebraska, 2 tornadoes in Pennsylvania. This isn't the first nor the last time I've driven across this country, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Cameras used: Sony A7sII, A6000, 2 - Rokinon 14mm f/2.8, Sony OSS 50mm f/1.8.