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Activated Charcoal – The Wonder Skincare Formula for All

Cleopatra the most beautiful woman in history was believed to follow numerous beauty regimes that kept her skin glowing. As an Egyptian queen, she had the luxury and time to perform time-making rituals. But we live in the 21st century where time is so valuable that for a working woman to even spend an hour daily caring for herself is at times unthinkable. In spite of all our limitations and time constraints, women do look up to Cleopatra and think if only I had the time to pamper myself! Fortunately, modern science and beauty experts have come up with many ways and means to make women look and feel beautiful without them having to spend thousands of bucks and hours of self-care.

One such miracle ingredient is activated charcoal which is not only becoming popular in the beauty industry but is a regular drug in hospital emergency rooms. Activated charcoal is charcoal that goes through extreme heat which heightens its adsorptive properties and makes it very porous. Activated charcoal can easily trap harmful chemicals and toxins in its pores and can thus pull out impurities. Activated charcoal in Australia is increasingly becoming popular as the best skincare formula that helps get rid of multiple skin problems. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which activated charcoal can help.

Removes Impurities

One of the main reasons why activated charcoal is becoming so popular is because it is highly adsorptive. It has the ability to attract chemicals and toxins that get trapped in the millions of tiny pores on our skin. Activated charcoal’s adsorptive properties are known to be so effective that it has the ability to pull out poison from the human body.

Gentle Exfoliation

In the process of removing impurities, activated charcoal also gently exfoliates the skin. Exfoliation helps to remove dirt that clogs skin pores and makes the skin appear dull and uneven. Exfoliation also helps the skin become supple allowing the natural oil to smoothly do its job. Activated charcoal gently exfoliates and doesn’t harm the skin.

Removes Excess Oil

Oily skin openly invites impurities from the environment and without regular exfoliation, it can easily be a never-ending problem. That is why it is very important that excess oil is permanently removed from the skin so that natural oils can keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. This job of removing excess oil is effectively done by activated charcoal.


In this write-up, we talk about how activated charcoal Australia is a wonder skincare formula that can help in multiple ways to remove blemishes and make the skin hydrated.