Dec 23, 2017 5

7 Ways By Which You Can Create A More Productive Office

In today’s world of high workload and constant work pressure, with office, we normally associate words like hectic, stress and monotonous. It’s not a coincidence that these things have greatly affected the productivity of the employees.Thus to improve productivity it’s important to have a workplace whose atmosphere and surroundings inspire workers and makes their life at the office a bit enjoyable and less stressful. 

If you have a bought an office space in Bhiwadi wondering how you can improve the work environment there, then here are seven things you can do:

1. Make your office technologically well equipped

In order to speed up the productivity of the office, small investments in technology like faster Wi-Fi and touchscreen tablets are highly advisable for better communication and engagement across people.

2. Clear the mess in the office

The office can be a really messy place with clutter all around. Most people feel that clutter in the office has a detrimental effort on the productiveness of the office. Hence it’s important to keep the office space neat and organized. Renting a storage room to keep extra files and equipment is one way of keeping the office clutter free.

3. Have proper lighting

Lighting plays an important role in keeping employees relaxed and focused. Bad lighting can cause fatigue, strain to the eyes, bring dullness and even headaches (mostly due to insufficient light). Investing in LEDs offering bright soothing light is a good way to improve the productivity of the workspace.

4. Have a separate relaxation space

In an ever demanding hectic schedule, it’s of utmost importance to have distressing windows for employees. Having an office space where employers can relax, feel free and bond with their colleagues is crucial in order to have a better productive environment.

5. Keep a check on the noise level

When a place is noisy it becomes very difficult to stay focusses and remain calm. Noisy workplaces have an adverse effect on the creativeness of the office environment. You must have quite spaces for employees so that they can fully focus on their work with 100% concentration.

6. Regulate the room temperature

Everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to room temperature. So it’s important that the HVAC system of your office to have the ability to be controlled by office staff according to their desires. You must also be aware of the location of the windows and its effect on the temperature of the office in the course of the day.

7. Comfortable and staff friendly chairs and table

It’s imperative to have properly fitted chairs and tables which offers ample room for adjusting, stretching and moving. Also, a proper chair will reduce the risk of spondylitis and other back problems.

Recent studies have shown that physical environment plays an important role in determining the ability of a staff to stay focused. With the fact that a well-designed room can enhance the office productivity by as much as 20%, it should be enough to propel you to make the necessary arrangements to make your office space in Bhiwadi more staff friendly and productive.