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Why You Should Add Foam Rollers in Your Daily Exercise Routine?

If you are a fitness fanatic then you must be familiar with Foam Rollers. Even if you are not, don’t worry! Here we will discuss what Foam Rollers are and why you should add them in your daily exercise routine!

A foam roller is exercise equipment which is mainly used for deep tissue massage. It usually long and cylindrical in shape, however, it does come in various shapes and sizes.

The foam roller helps in releasing painful knots which are also known as trigger points and accelerate the muscle recovery process through stimulating the blood flow.  

 Inclusion of foam rollers in your daily routine can benefit you in a number of ways. Let’s discuss how!

 Myofascial Release

If you do not belong tot he fitness community then after reading out this term your reaction must be- “What is it? I have never heard of it!”. Myo means muscles and fascia refers to the connective network of tissue. 

The term Myofascial Release is referred to as the process of rolling out the painful trigger points or tight muscles to relieve tension. Foam Roller is used for Myofascial release. It smooths out the knots and helps in the proper blood flow and faster recovery.

 Helps in Back Pain

Foam Rollers can be a great helping hand in relieving the chronic back pain. Though it is not a permanent solution, it does help in releasing the painful knots and reducing inflammation.

If you use foam rollers on a daily basis for self-massage, it will improve the core strength of your back and it will make you active. So, if you are suffering from chronic back pain then using foam rollers will help you to activate the recovery process.

Reduces Injury Risk

Foam rollers enhance the process of blood circulation throughout the body which means it helps in easy motion and movements of the body parts. It improves body coordination and reduces the risk of injury that may take place due to improper body movements.

Moreover, even if you get injured, it speeds up the recovery process with the help of myofascial release.

Enhances the body posture

A bad body posture does not look attractive at all! It can affect your appearance and oftentimes leads to pain and discomfort.

Using foam rollers regularly can improve your body posture by realigning your spine and providing the core strength to keep your body upright. A foam roller balances the muscles and prevents the needless pressure on your back.

 Promotes sound sleep

Body or muscles pain leads to the sleepless nights. You experience discomfort while sleeping which affects your sleep. Having a sound sleep is necessary to maintain the health of the body.

Using foam rollers before going to bed relaxes your tissues and relieves the muscle tensions which reduce the pain. Thus, it helps you to have a sound sleep.

 These are the reasons why you should definitely add Foam rollers in your daily exercise routine.