May 28, 2018 6

Reasons to Pursue BBA in Entrepreneurship

A BBA in Entrepreneurship prepares students for potential start-up challenges that they will have to face after graduating. Most entrepreneurs require business-savvy co-founders as well, so that they can bring both technical and management skills to the table. One of the biggest reasons why start-ups fail is because of work ethic, and that’s one thing that’s refined to perfection at a top-tiered university like IILM.

A BBA in Entrepreneurship from the leading business schools in Delhi, prepare you to become better leaders in the start-up space. There will be a myriad of challenges in your way, and you need to lead your team towards success in the industry. While you may even need to interact with industry veterans, it helps to communicate with effective business-speak to get your message across as clearly as possible.

Leading industry experts:

One of the best parts of obtaining a BBA in Entrepreneurship is the chance to network with leading industry experts that speak on certain subject areas. You get to pick up real-time information from founders of billion-dollar unicorns.

You can get their uninterrupted attention and ask them mission-critical questions about their beginnings and how they became successful. This knowledge and access to key insights will be unavailable to you if you’re not registered in a business school in Delhi NCR.

IILM’s Undergraduate Business School (UBS), a renowned business school in Delhi, invites leaders from across the country, leveraging its vast alumni network. Students studying there have a chance to meet, converse with, and pitch to some of these top leaders of industry.

Finding an area of passion:

Apart from the management skills acquired and the networking opportunities available, students have a chance to find their inner passion. When interacting with other passionate students, they too can ignite that inner passion for a subject area or industry.

This inner passion can fuel their desire to excel in an industry and drive further relevant insights in that direction. Finding an inner passion is also important to creating new headway into existing technologies. If you’re interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and management, then a BBA in Entrepreneurship will help you learn more about that field.

When you meet with other passionate individuals, you might even start a new company while in college. You can prototype a minimum viable product and test your innovation in the market early on. The university can also help you find investors and mentor you in your journey towards start-up success.

Your propensity towards success also increases as you obtain higher education, making a BBA an important foundation for an MBA in Entrepreneurship.


If you want to be fully prepared for when you launch your start-up, or you’d like to be a part of the fast-paced start-up environment, you’re going to need a BBA in Entrepreneurship. It’s one of the more popular degrees as students want to learn insights from leading industry disruptors and what makes them special.