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Self-Check Guide For Breast Cancer

With its number rising each day, the harsh truth of cancer cases is something we cannot possibly deny. While you might be doing all you can to stay fit, cancer can still hit you hard. Since not everyone can afford to live in a bubble, the topmost thing that one must focus on is prevention and timely diagnosis. Although a healthy lifestyle can help you overcome all the hurdles and make you strong enough, figuring out preventive modes can be a bit difficult owing to the unpredictable nature of the disease. There are ways however that can help in early detection:


The most important thing to do to stay healthy, wise and prepared is to self-examine. Here are a few easy steps to help you do so-

1. Stand in front of the mirror with your shoulders squared and hands on the hips. Look closely for any unusual shape, color (dimpling or puckering on the skin), size, soreness or swelling.

2. Raise your arms up in the air and repeat what you did earlier. Additionally, look for any fluid that might be out of the blue.

3. Lie down on a flat surface and feel careful by using your left hand on your right breast and vice versa. Move your fingers in a circular fashion while moving from armpit to cleavage and clavicle to stomach. Keep your fingers firm and flat while doing so. This is to check for any unusual bumps or growth. Hence, you must ensure to feel all the tissues.

4. It’s better to consult a reliable oncologist such as Dr. Sidharth Sahni if you come across anything that’s unusual or extraordinary. Since prevention is better than cure, timely consultation will go a long way to prevent the disease from growing and staying safe. Steps such as these can make a huge difference before it’s too late.

Lastly, the importance of a healthy lifestyle can never be underestimated towards the prevention of diseases. With a decent control over what you eat, along with reasonable consumption of alcohol, in case you do, can go a long way to ensure an ideal BMI. Smoking must also be avoided and breastfeeding must be given more preference in case you have just given birth to a child as it lowers down the risk of breast cancer.