Jun 13, 2017 13


The right time. A truly unexpected photographic moment. While walking my dog in a public park in Chicago, Illinois, I must have had an impossible look on my face when I saw this scene. Someone littered an almost empty peanut butter jar but the squirrel could care less about that. This must be squirrel heaven on earth. Any squirrel's mother lode.  But my Sony HX20V and  Alpha 77 were in my apartment. Luckily I lived just across the street, I quickly took the dog home and grabbed the HX20V I kept on a shelf near the front door. I ran back to the park, hoping, actually praying the squirrel was still feasting. Thankfully, dinner was far from over and I quickly fired off shots in auto mode. This must be the ultimate in pursuit of happiness for any squirrel. I somehow got the feeling that even my HX20V was fascinated by the subject matter. It performed flawlessly. Within a year of this moment, I somehow lost the HX20V on a flight to Italy. Like the Boy Scouts, I was always prepared. I still had the Alpha 77 for that journey.