Mar 19, 2017 803

It All Started With A Wallet

In 1989 I needed a new wallet.  When the clerk put the Ghurka bifold wallet on the counter, I was hooked by the quality, workmanship and elegance.  So hooked, that I exceeded my budget and bought both the bifold wallet and a chest pocket wallet.  A few years later, the bifold wallet gave way to a slim credit card wallet and a money clip. I've replaced those items once or twice, but I use my original chest pocket wallet to this day.

Over the years I've added many pieces.  A few of my favorites are an Eton that I use as an everyday briefcase and a Barrister that I use when I need more room.  I've repurposed a Packer to carry chargers and other accessories.  I use an Express II (No. 200) in vintage cherry as a gym bag and a standard Express (No. 2) in charcoal gray as a carry on.  And perhaps my favorite bags are the stunningly unique Kilburns.

As I write this I realize that I've owned two Ghurka pieces for 28 years and used at least one Ghurka item every day over all those years.  Given the quality and timeless elegance of the brand, I'm really not surprised.