Vice-Chancellor Prof HB Raghavendra’s Vision for The NorthCap University

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor HB Raghavendra, shared his Vision for the University with the faculty and staff on 12 December 2017. He observed that NCU is poised for a big leap forward and would soon join the elite group of institutions. He said that the University abounds in quality and talent, and we have to tap these qualities to achieve excellence. We have to set our priorities and make a nurturing environment that is adaptable, flexible and congenial for the University to grow and achieve excellence.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and learning. Some are smart-learners, some are average-learners and some are slow-learners. The challenge is that our curriculum should cater to the needs of all and make them confident to face the world.

Prof Raghavendra emphasized on the need of focusing on extra-curricular activities for holistic development of students. In fact, these activities should be a part of the curriculum. They will equip the students in learning important life–skills required to achieve success in today’s global world. Credits for co-curricular activities and recognition of extracurricular activities would make the evaluation system more evolving and student-centric.

The Vice-Chancellor emphasized that the University’s focus will be on high quality research and innovation and for that we have to establish Centre of Excellence at The NorthCap University in collaboration with industries and Government funding agencies. This would augment the resources at the University and provide students and faculty excellent industry-domain experience. This would be possible by working in areas such as IoT, Automotive, Climate Change and Environmental Effects and Renewable Energy, Water Management and Research. He stressed on the importance of making proposals linked with societal concerns. University’s core values evolve around sending the key message of development across the society by trying to improve the quality of life of the underprivileged, and serving the community.

He said that with the cooperation of all members of the NCU family, the University would deliver quality education and would surely leap forward and be globally visible.