Dec 12, 2017 4

NCU Students Participate in United Nations Climate Change COP 23 Event

Urvika Gola, BTech, CSE (Class of 2018) and Pranav Jain, BTech, CSE (Class of 2017) participated in the United Nations Climate Change COP 23 Event at Bonn, Germany under the official name of Hack4Climate from 12-16 November 2017. They were selected to develop innovative solutions which would help counter Climate Change and make our Earth a better place for living. Only 100 delegates from around the world were selected for this prestigious event.

The four day Hackathon event took place in a cruise in front of the United Nations office. It was a great platform to collaborate with environmentalists and developers to create solutions using Distributed Ledger Technology - Blockchain which help to combat climate change. Prior to the start of the event they had sessions with delegates from various institutions and organizations like United Nations and MIT.

Speaking about his experience at the event, Pranav Jain said, “We are grateful that we have been able to apply our core skills and knowledge that we gained over the past years at NCU to tackle such important issues”.