May 02, 2018 23

Awareness Campaign on Women’s Safety and Empowerment at NCU

In light of increasing crime against girls/women, an awareness campaign on women safety and empowerment was conducted at the University on 26 April 2018. The purpose of this campaign was to make everyone think about the recent scenario of crimes against women and to make them responsible for their actions. The Oath “I stand for the cause of women safety and empowerment.

I take the responsibility of not doing any act that causes disrespect to any person around me and stand here with the spirit of honesty, respect and integrity. I will make sure that I will stop my friends from eve teasing or disrespecting any female walking down the street and hence try to bring change in mentality”, was taken by the students and members of the faculty and staff on 26 April 2018 and on 1 May 2018.