Dec 30, 2018 0

Keep a Close Watch on your Fleet with GPS Employee Tracking

Managing a large number of field staff going in different directions of the city or country is a huge task. But, it can be managed effectively by the installation of GPS employee tracking systems in all their vehicles. With the help of technology, you can significantly boost productivity by ensuring your employees are at the right place at the right time, save fuel and time.

GPS systems are extremely powerful as they are found on almost every device these days with smartphones and vehicles covering a lion’s share. GPS employee tracking makes it easier than ever and considering the benefits they offer, you should pick the right product and install it in your vehicles to form a centralized tracking system.

1) Improved Routing

Once a field staff tracking app is in place, the centralized monitoring team will be able to monitor every vehicle’s exact location. In case there is an issue with the roads or a block, they can be proactive and divert them towards a different route. It saves time and ensures the delivery or pick is made in time without any delay.

2) Keep a Close Watch on Field Staff

The employees who drive the vehicles tend to indulge in some unauthorized activities such as taking more breaks than the approved numbers, opting for longer routes that take more time and letting the vehicle stand idle. All these practices could lead to a significant decrease in productivity but not if they are equipped with GPS.

You will have total control of a vehicle’s statistics. If it is parked in the same spot for hours even after the delivery is done, it is easy to call them and question why they haven’t moved to the next location. Any driver who is using a longer route that wastes time and fuel can be questioned about the reason, and can be encouraged to always use the approved path. It also makes it easier for multiple staff to coordinate with one another and avoid confusions where multiple drivers might end up at the same location to complete the same job.

3) Automated Employee Time Management

The entire payroll and time management system can be automated with the help of a GPS tracking system. All that you need to do is to specify a time period as working hours and the distance to be covered every day. If an employee has completed the specific hours and the number of deliveries assigned to them, they will automatically be added to the payroll management so that salary can be credited by the finance team.

4) Remove the Problem of Unauthorized Usage

A large fleet of vehicles needs to be monitored constantly so that no one uses it for their personal work. Any employee who may indulge in such activities can immediately be warned and asked to return the vehicle to the base station. Field staff tracking app makes it possible and easy to implement to avoid legal issues.

With the help of GPS employee tracking, you can boost productivity in many ways and it also makes it easier to expand the vehicle fleet with more employees to meet customer requirements.