May 04, 2017 127

Retiring and Racing in Baja

6 1/2 years ago, upon retiring, I pulled my 1958 Airstream with my 1963 Willys Wagon from Colorado to Baja for a 6 month exploration trip. I have never left and have settled in a small town,a pueblo, called Mulege, in Baja California Sur, Mexico. I had dreams of fishing everyday, but that got boring real fast.

While searching the internet for a quad, I stumbled on a vintage off road race car, which could serve the same purpose as the quad, exploring the mountains, desert and beaches of baja. That deal fell thru and it took a year to find a similar race car, a Funco from the late 70s.

Suddenly, I found my self racing in local events and loving every minute.  Fanny is my navigator in training.

I carried a camera almost daily in college and dabbled in photography off and on. About 1 1/2 years ago, I bought a Sony A6000 with the 2 kit lenses, which was affordable on my small ss income and discovered a whole new world that modern Sony technology offers.

There is a lot of down time, waiting for your race to start, and the night before - car inspections, read party. The car inspection event consists of carnival rides, car parade, music, trophy girls, beer, street food vendors and a zillion excited fans.

As well as racing, I have become the unofficial local race photographer, covering the local races and trying to get a photo of all the racers.

Here are a few car photos...

and some motos and quads...

Mulege, an oasis, has a population of about 5,000 in the summer and maybe 8,000 in the winter due to snowbirds. It is only minutes away from some of the worlds best beaches in Bahia Concepcion. (see a future story) Whale sharks are common here 6 months a year.


I live on the edge of town. In the mornings, I sometimes walk to the lighthouse, a 1/2 mile away. and stop for breakfast, a shrimp omelet, which is cheaper than a big mac and much better!!!!

Sitting in the open air sea side restaurant is heaven! Along the way, are many photo ops of wildlife, flowers etc.

The people of Baja love all types of off road racing and are avid spectators from the local races to the famous Baja 1000, the ultimate off road race. The race vehicles vary from high cost Trophy trucks to Motos and quads.

All ages participate and the families of racers provide support and encouragement to all. The wonderful people of Baja and especially the race community are warm and welcoming. The race community is my new family!

I use the Sony Action cam for "in car" video and the A6000 with kit lenses for action stills and  video. I now have 2 hobbies that I totally enjoy! Racing and photography of racing! To me, much more exciting than fishing.

Photo manipulation for race promos etc. Long story on the "why" of this one ! jajaja 

This is my '63 Willys Wagon, my daily driver for over 20 years.

Loving Baja, loving Racing and Sony! Thanks for looking!