The Brazilian heritage men's clothing label. Reviving Brazilian tailoring, starting with shirts. As featured on Monocle.

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REUNIDAS is a Brazilian heritage men’s clothing project.

By the 1970s many Brazilian crafts started to vanish as the country slid into turmoil under the military dictatorship. Since 2011, we have been reviving Brazil’s neglected heritage & revealing it to a global audience.

The unique mix of climate & old-world tailoring traditions created a menswear style that was defined by comfort, correct fit & Brazilian flair. The design is fluid & allows freedom of movement in accordance with the natural shape of the human body.

The first garments update & improve the fit of classic men’s shirts using Brazilian tailoring & South American fabrics of the highest quality.


The next set of global brands will come from emerging countries.

Today, almost every Brazilian concept launched outside of Brazil involves the beach or the ubiquitous twirl of verdant green tropicalismo. Beach, samba & football dominate. At a stretch, a zest of Amazon rainforest may make the menu. ‘Brand Brazil’ has become narrow.

Brazil has no luxury heritage brands in the formal or lifestyle space. This will change.

With a nation brimming with raw materials behind it, including locally sourced cotton, leather & rubber, a new global consumer brand is emerging - REUNIDAS.


'Brand Brazil' finds itself shackled to a cliché - a beach party with a samba soundtrack. It’s time to move on.

REUNIDAS is building awareness of the overlooked, deeply cosmopolitan parts of Brazilian history & culture.

The REUNIDAS project champions an emerging nation’s crafts & relishes competition with stale European & US menswear labels.


1798 Revolta dos Alfaiates (the Tailors' Revolt) / 1808 British tailors first enter Brazil / 1880s Italian shirtmakers & craftsmen flood into São Paulo / 1908 Japanese artisans pour into Santos / 1910s Brazilian tailoring is born out of a fusion of old world techniques / 1950s Brazilian tailoring enters its golden era / 1970s Brazilian tailoring vanishes 


EDWARD NEALE. Half British & half South African, Edward grew up across India, Thailand, Tuscany & England & has spent the majority of his life living in developing countries. He graduated from Bristol University as a Biologist specialising in genetic engineering, with extensive research on African tropical diseases. He went on to have a successful career in equity analysis at a large Japanese bank & then a prestigious Wall Street equity research firm, where he built their emerging market business. He left investment banking in 2011 to move to Brazil & return to academia while immersing himself in an emerging nation’s culture again. After studying at the Federal University in Porto Alegre, Edward moved to São Paulo where he consulted on Brazilian history, economics & culture, with a focus on tech startups, between São Paulo, San Francisco & London. With a lifelong obsession for crafts instilled in him from growing up across India, Italy & Britain, he co-founded Industrias Reunidas UK Ltd in 2013, with the mission to research, develop & acquire neglected Brazilian brands & products. After an extensive 2 year long investigation into Brazilian history & craftsmanship, REUNIDAS is the first project to be launched. 


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