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2011 - 20~  (Let Me Keep You)

My Story from 2016, im just want to share my story from Indonesia, this place is really beautiful. Its called Coban Rondo waterfall, people belive when you come to this place with someone you love, your love will be never lost. 
My story is a never ending story before but this year its end, im finally get the answer from the girl that i love since 2011, his answer made my day so bad, she prefer to leave me , i know its hurt but im pick up my sony a7ii + 18-105 f4 lens, climbing a small mountain near my house, to capture my last hope for her, YOU ARE STILL MY FAVOURITE SUNSET. thanks if you read this and im just want to share my story

My name is Rendy Rijanto Pilinaung (Instagram @rendyrijanto)  im a landscape photographer from Jayapura (now stay at Surabaya) Indonesia. I love photography like i love myself, i have challange myself to capture and traveling over Indonesia but still on progress.

Before i prepare to start or hunting landscape photo, yeay there is always a thousands image in my mind but good composition is always the best for share

I capture this photo using Sony a6000, i shoot  RAW format as always and edited with Lightroom with little clarity up, i love the colour of earth when green glowing to your eyes, make you want to feel the warm.

My first camera is sony mirrorless A3500, this camera is a great pocket small camera. this image i capture using my Sony a6000. I love this horizon colour real from sky, and a little edited on lightroom improve the saturation.

when someone said "mother's love is all over the time", i'd like to said "Father's love is As far as the eye can see", this place called Suramadu Bridge its about 20 Kilos from Juanda International Airport.

After thousands of thousands of breath steps thousands of thousands of thousands longs from the end of sabang island to merauke, maybe it's time to go home or go home but the only thing in mind is just to go home.
Raini Dialogue

Talk nostalgic
Talk to me
Spend your imagination space
Singing melodious
Singing sadly
Free the blue of your heart
Without a word without a tone
The rain also interprets peace
Just taste just prejudice
Which is heard in the Rain Dialogue