Make the Most Out of a Small Budget: Cost-Effective Video Production Techniques

A video has become integral to evey business looking to advertise their products and services. Apart from getting a world-class video, what you need to know is cost-effective video production techniques.

The advertising, as well as the film industry, was built like a brick man’s work, a few years back no one would have ever thought to jump on that ship. But times have changed now, the likes of social media and YouTube has opened the oasis of Ad films for small production houses all over the world. Except for the big budget films, video production has brought down to a regular guy’s reach.

Low production and promotion cost has increased the demand as well. But like any other service a video production company has to work on a budget. The company has to manage preproduction, equipment cost, location cost, actors script etc. and also makes a profit.

So, here are some cost-effective ways to work on a small budget production-


The key to effective working is to plan. Scribbling down everything you need will help you get a clear vision on how to allocate your budget. Try to call a pre-production roundtable with the heads of each department, discuss the budget and how much each department would need and then prepare a plan.


Equipment is the responsibility of the Director of Photography, as he in charge it's his decision which equipment to rent and which not. He should only pick just the required and nothing fancy. Yes, you might have planned a shot with a dolly, but you don’t need that. Put a leash on your creativity and work under the allocated funds.


The location might be the trickiest part for any video production company. You need to lock your location as soon as possible, as location finding companies or even the owners have a tendency to ask for more money for urgent shoots. Also, try to find a studio near the location this reduces your hassle and cost of traveling and equipment transportation to the minimum.


Your crew members are your soldiers in arms, they understand your situation and coordinate accordingly. One way to cope with a low budget shoot is by paying everyone a flat-rate each. There might be a hierarchy problem but try to reason with them. It's just for one shoot; chances are they will understand.


While people love realistic videos, a lot of companies ask for animated video production as well. Not because of their cost effectiveness but because of their compelling and engagement factor. Now what you can do is recommend your client for the same type of video. Convey the benefits, and as they will realize its strength and potential of reaching customers, your task will become easier.

The world of commercial video production has recently gained fame. Companies have started to realize that rather than using YouTube motivations or self-recorded speeches, they should take the help of a professional which on a nominal cost can enhance your entire experience to another level. Also, they are filming normal ad films and uploading them on their social media handles, this contains the massive cost involved in television and radio advertising.