Jun 28, 2017 8

Small yet Competent

In the past (in photography and public world) everyone thinks that size matters. Every time they see someone will a decent DSLR they wow.. "the pro is here". Even many small DSLR owners try to beef up three camera with battery pack in order to look professional.

I am never a chaser for size. I rather carry a spare than a battery pack that increase my camera weight even more. Had always dream of a small size full frame camera since I started my photography hobby 15 years back. One of the first to own the 7R followed by the 7RII. They were so powerful and convenient for all my projects. It allow me to carry even on board helichopter flight where photography are quite restricted and she deliver even better quality images than my 'Red' DSLR. With the new A9, I feel that I am ready to fully transit to Sony since it is capable to cover my sports and wildlife work.