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Scope of Networking in India – 2019

Before discussing the scope of Networking in present and in the coming future let's have a look at what is Networking and is it true that network engineering is dying?

IT Networking is the most favorable way of communicating from device to device, network to networks and network to connected devices.

What networking actually does is it allows different types of communicating mediums to come together and ride over the Internet. Communicating mediums like computers, Mobile Phones, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are managed and cared of by a Network Engineers for a smooth communication system.

How to become a Network Engineer

Among many ways to become a Network Engineer, pursuing Cisco certifications and its course training is the best one.

Benefits of Cisco certifications

1. Cisco certification courses by Cisco and other vendors like Palo Alto and Checkpoints comes without any prerequisites. So, even if you are a non-graduate, graduate, diploma holder in any stream you can pursue Cisco certification training.

2. Cisco Certifications are globally accepted and hold a huge reputation in the IT industry.

3. Even if you don't pass any Cisco Certification exam, you can still find a suitable Network Engineer job role in IT MNC’s.

So, you can simply enroll in Cisco authorized learning partner institute and take CCNA, CCNP, CCIE training from the ground to expert level.

Either attempt Cisco certification exam or go for networking jobs to start working as a Network Engineer.

Why become a Network Engineer/ Future scope of Network Engineers

Network Engineers are the only one without whom IT companies today wouldn't be able to move an inch towards success.

IT companies and enterprises require a talent to design, support, manage, plan and troubleshoot emerging new technologies. Without Network Engineers these companies cannot move towards communication system development for themselves.

Today every IT company need people who know how to run a network. They are a necessity for today and tomorrow. Allround world these IT companies require around 200,000 certified engineers where these number is around 60-61 thousand today.

So becoming a skilled Network Engineer will lift up your career not only in India but all around the world.

Networking job roles and responsibilities.

Some of the most common job roles in Networking domain are,


The major job responsibility of a Network Engineer is,

  • Planning and Designing the Network Infrastructure
  • Constructing LAN and WAN Network
  • Regular Maintenance of Enterprise Networks
  • Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Networks and its connected devices.

Scope of Networking in India

India is one of the IT hubs in the world due to which some of the major cities in here has a huge demand for Network Engineers. Cities like Bangalore, Delhi/NCR, Pune, Hyderabad have highest networking jobs and Network Engineers all over India.

Network Engineers working in companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, CSS Corp, etc. with relevant experience have reached salary package up to 15 LPA.


Now let's talk about the pay scales of Network engineers depending upon certification and designation.


By this graph, you can assume, if you start working today as a Network Engineer than what will be your networking career growth in India within 10 years duration.


So, this was a quick Networking career salaries for you and by this, we can conclude that Networking career, the scope of Networking and Network Engineering in India is bright.