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How valuable is Cisco CCIE certification for your bright career

It is technologically driven era and IT certification courses play a vital role in the life of candidates aspiring to build a bright career in the field of networking. Amongst too many IT certification courses Cisco CCIE certification is the most demanded certification in the world. You might be amazed to know that this certification is renowned all round the world, so it can be your visa to work overseas.

What is CCIE Certification all about?

Cisco CCIE certification is the expert level networking certification offered by Cisco Systems. This course is available in multiple tracks such as CCIE R&S, CCIE Security, CCIE Data Center, CCIE Collaboration and a lot more. So, you can pursue the track in which you are interested. However, it is to be noted that CCIE routing and switching and CCIE Security are two most demanded Cisco certifications. This certification will validate your skills and knowledge of networking thus making you a recognizable IT professional.

Know the scope of Cisco CCIE Certification

The scope of Cisco CCIE courses is too vast as there is a huge requirement of IT professionals. According to the stats the IT industry requires 500000 CCIE certified professionals while only 55000 are available in the industry which is just like a drop in the ocean. This gap amid the demand and availability of CCIE professionals is too vast. Therefore the scope of this certification is too vast in the industry which will help you to build a bright career easily in a short span of time.

Expected job roles, salary and a lot more

Post completion of this certification course, you become eligible for multiple high level designations which include –

  • Network Engineer
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • IT Manager
  • Network Specialist
  • Principal Network Architect and a lot more

The best part is this CCIE course training offers good salary packages even to fresher candidates. As a fresher Cisco professional, you can expect the starting salary package amid 4 to 6 lac per annum. So, if you are planning to give a kick start to your career then this certification can help you achieve the same.

Benefits of Cisco CCIE certified professional

Cisco certification not only offers great career opportunities but also offer numerous other benefits, some of which are listed below, have a look –

  • It will increase your demand in the market as the availability of Cisco certified professionals is very low.
  • Post completion of this certification you become a member of Cisco and you are offered great discount on Cisco products. Thus, you become quite a valuable resource for your employer.
  • This certification boosts your confidence as it is the most prestigious IT certification and is holded by only countable number of people.
  • It will also help you to experience steep growth rate as numerous opportunities will knock your door once you become Cisco certified.

So, if you are planning to build a bright career in the field of networking then Cisco CCIE certification is the best option for you.