Nov 01, 2017 1

What is the Need for Software Quality Assurance in Diverse Industries?

It is no surprise that IT is a rapidly growing segment. It has been providing employment to millions of people around the globe. IT projects are handled in the form of outsourcing, consulting and freelancing. Studies indicate that the market segment will only grow with time considering the demand that is observed in the past few years. Top-notch development paired with testing is in huge demand. Any industry today, ranging from airlines to defence forces, needs assistance in the software front. There are hundreds of service providers that churn out apps and websites every single day. But along with these services, you must also make sure that the quality of software that you are putting in the market is worth it and brilliant in performance. This is where software quality assurance comes into play.

Enterprises can function with a team of developers but you have an option of freelance QA testing or having a team of testers who will work for you on a full-time basis. Bear in mind that the magnitude of software development is a lot larger than testing. Depending on your project requirements, you can choose between freelance QA testing and a team. In some industries, quality assurance is crucial. For example, banking and finance software need to have their security and performance meticulously tested. As more and more user migrate to mobile apps to take care of their finance. In this scenario, the banking enterprises need to up their mobile application security. Failing which, they might put their user’s information in jeopardy.

Each and every industry needs testing in some magnitude or the other. Take for instance, e-commerce needs quality assurance testing on a regular basis as they put up sales on a weekly and monthly basis. Any kind of bug that is left unnoticed can crash the entire application and ruin the customer’s experience especially when the sale that they are hosting is massive and attracts millions of customers.

In retail, stores make use of applications to check inventory and make note of sales made. It is very important to build a holistic and comprehensive application that can be accessed by all employees without much training. Here again, quality assurance takes a very important role. Retail industry also documents customer information and security is a huge concern. Quality assurance checks the proper functioning of security as well as performance. Digital transformation is taking quality assurance testing to a whole new level. The companies realise the importance of being available online and therefore they also understand the need for good software development and testing.

Although not considered its biggest function, quality assurance can also very much help in generating revenues as well, especially for industries such as communications and media. There are a lot of opportunities that can be taken advantage of with quality assurance being perfectly performed in the company. Digitization has taken over all industries. With software comes quality assurance. There is no other way to ensure complete customer satisfaction with your product.