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Keeping Employees Safe, The Do's and Don'ts

Workplace safety minimizes accidents and injuries, but an employee accident insurance that can cover expenses a worker might face in case of an accident is another safety requirement. If you’re starting a business or already have one and want to improve safety, there are a few do’s and don’ts to know.

Have safety instructions

Safety instructions vary depending on the nature of the work. For example, construction sites will have different safety plans compared to a call centre. However, there are basic rules that should always be implemented no matter the environment. They should be printed and placed where they are clearly visible. Employees should also be given a rundown of the same. Changes to the rules must be conveyed promptly as well.

Have an insurance plan

Employers should purchase a group accident insurance plan package for their employees. Since workplace safety rules are never foolproof, keeping employees protected should be the priority of every employer.

A group personal accident insurance plan covers a group of workers who can share the premium and receive benefits in case of an accident just like a health insurance policy. Employees will feel more secure and will understand that you care about their health and well being.

Get expert advice

Having an expert chart out a safety plan can go a long way in minimizing workplace accidents. They can get you up-to-date on safety standards and recommend changes to create a more solid plan. They can also guide employees on workplace safety and emphasize the importance of following safety rules.

Maintain Cleanliness

A clean workplace is both healthy and risk-free. Cluttered, messy areas can cause employees to trip and fall, sometimes with serious consequences. As an employer, you should set workplace rules that necessitate maintenance of cleanliness at all times. There should be no hazards like electrical cords lying on the floor, drawers left open, inadequate lighting, etc.

Eliminate slip hazards

Wet floors are a major reason for slips but they can easily be prevented by taking a few measures. Absorbent mats should be laid down near entryways during rainy days. Signs and barriers should also be placed near wet floors.

Eliminate fire hazards

Most standards for fire safety state that combustible waste should be contained in covered metal bins and disposed of every day. Combustible items should never be placed in work areas unless needed. Passages and fire exits should be free of obstructions and combustible materials.

Workplace injuries are quite common and safeguarding employees from risk should be the prerogative of employers. Taking out insurance policies for workers is one way to keep them protected. An online insurance aggregator can provide a list of insurers and policies that offer group insurance. You can view all policies, premiums and coverage in one go. The online process of purchasing a policy with the help of an aggregator is quick, easy and highly efficient.