Aug 07, 2019 0

Asif Balwa Explains: Real Estate Turns Saviour for Farmers

If there is one thing that is rising at a very steep rate in India, it’s farmer suicides. A number of farmer marches were held across the country in the last two years. And if one is honest, the government’s push towards infrastructure and concretization has led to this debacle. But the reason for this push by the government has been the resurrection of the real estate sector of the country, the graph of which was going down steeply.

Amidst this push towards commercialization and infrastructure, the government has also tried to take care of the people who are getting and have gotten affected by this, who are mostly farmers. In the backdrop of this, the real estate sector has taken some steps for the rehabilitation of such farmers, by providing them employment opportunities and housing facilities, in order to achieve the goal of inclusive growth as enshrined in the Constitution of India. Further pushing these efforts are prominent industry leaders such as Asif Balwa of DB Realty.

One of the recent efforts of the real estate industry of India is this regard was the promise by the Confederate of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) wherein they promised to provide logistical support to around 2200 farmers of the Jewar area who were displaced by the construction of the dream project of Jewar International Airport. The industry has promised employment to the family members of these farmers in their companies. But at the same time, CREDAI has said that such employment will be based on the qualifications of the candidates and it will also provide them further skill enhancement programs.

Good initiatives like this are always welcome because they will motivate and encourage the whole industry to step into the game and design their Corporate Social Responsibility framework to promote overall sustainable development. After this initiative by CREDAI, taking a step further, the real estate companies have also extended another commendable step in the shape of a plan to acquire land from the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) and create affordable townships for farmers, with facilities like hospitals and schools. CREDAI has also announced a 20% discount for farmers in the housing projects of its members. Asif Yusuf Balwa reckons that this initiative to provide affordable housing to farmers is a commendable step and will set precedent for stakeholders to focus on all-around growth

All in all, the sector’s priority seems progressive and encompassing with respect to building an atmosphere of sustainable and inclusive growth. Taking everyone along and leaving none behind.