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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Drug Treatment Center in California

Selecting a drug treatment center in California to help you or your loved one overcome addiction can be a tricky process. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right location. Here are ten checkpoints to help you make the right decision for your entire family:

What is Your Philosophy or Approach?

Every drug treatment program follows a different course of treatment and a different philosophy. Knowing what your potential center’s approach is beforehand will give you an idea of how they operate and what will be expected of residents – and assist you in choosing the right center for your family.

How Long Does the Program Typically Last?

Some patients need a few days to detox and get back on track, while others need weeks or even months of intensive treatment. Find out upfront what the time length options are at your facility and whether they are dependent on each resident’s needs.

Is the Program Tailored to Each Participant?

Speaking of residents’ needs, is the program you are considering created to be focused on each participant individually as well as in groups? Giving each participant the individualized attention that they need to succeed is an important part of recovery.

What is the Surrounding Area Like?

Drug treatment centers are sometimes in very dangerous neighborhoods. This can lead to failure on the part of participants as they see temptation and triggers everywhere on their way in and out of the facility. Find out about the surrounding area before checking in.

What is the Staff-to-Resident Ratio?

Low staff-to-patient ratios make for more individualized attention for each resident. Ask about your center’s ratio upfront.

Can Residents Continue Their Education or Employment?

Drug addiction can knock people off track with their employment and education. Find out if there are educational or employment opportunities for residents at your potential center – or if they will be able to continue with their current course upon checking in.

What Are the Socialization Opportunities?

Can residents socialize and engage in team-building activities with others on site? If so, they are more likely to succeed.

Are Social Connections Ongoing?

The connections made during treatment should be allowed to continue after recovery begins, to offer ongoing support and accountability. Former patients also make great mentors to one another and current patients.

What Are the Follow-Up and Support Opportunities?

Once recovery is in full swing, patients will need ongoing support to remain sober and stay on the right track. Your drug treatment center in California should offer ongoing encouragement, support, and opportunities for follow-up treatment as needed so patients can continue to succeed after checking out.

Can I or My Family Member Contact Loved Ones?

Many patients feel that having the opportunity to check in with loved ones regularly is helpful to their overall success. Find out upfront if you will be able to contact family and friends while admitted to the center and what the rules and regulations on contact are. This will help you deal with missing family during the length of treatment and keep a positive attitude while you focus on recovery for yourself or your loved one.

Checking into a drug treatment center can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Ask these questions upfront to find out everything you need to know before you go and help yourself or your loved one succeed in recovery.

Thinking of checking yourself or a loved one into a drug treatment center? Here are ten questions to ask before you decide on the perfect location for you.