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Choose the Right Interiors, wall murals, Wallpaper etc. for You


Wall murals in chennai From trendy geometrics like chevron to handmade varieties that are fine art and everything in between, wallpaper is experiencing a bonafide renaissance in the design world — so why the fuss all of a sudden?

“People are staying put and not moving, so rather than keeping things neutral to sell, they're more willing to show their personality,” says Nina Taylor, senior stylist at Graham & Brown, a leading wall coverings brand.

“Pinterest also has been a huge influence,” adds Elizabeth Rees, founder of Chasing Paper, a new peel-and-stick wallpaper company. “You can look at so many images. You can also show off your home on social media ”.

"It can really set a scene and transform a space," adds Brian Kaspr, co-founder of wallpaper company Flat Vernacular. "It's like creating a jewel box. "

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