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Lic Health Insurance (Jeevan Arogya): Benefits and Cover

These days healthcare has become increasingly expensive as compare to past years. Having a health insurance secures you against all types of problems and expense arising due to medical emergency and health uncertainty like hospitalization and critical illness. LIC Health insurance look after all your health care needs without affecting your financial savings and compromising ones future goal. Health insurance policies also provides some additional benefits like regular health checkups and cashless treatment across a networks of hospitals. As health insurance plan plays an important role in the insurance portfolio of an individual, LIC Health insurance Plan is a non - linked health insurance plan offered by LIC one of the most trusted insurance company in India.

LIC health insurance plan helps individual to deal with all medical expense. Moreover, the policy acts as shield to cover the risk associated with an accident or any other medical emergency. LIC health insurance have many benefits and features like

Features of LIC Health insurance Plan

It is a comprehensive health insurance policy

The insurance offer coverage for your parents, spouse, children and parent in law

Financial protection against all medical expenses

Flexible benefit limits

Your insurance coverage can be extended for any new family member

Flexible premium payment option

No Claim Benefits

Irrespective of medical costs the policy provide benefit payout

You can extend your existing medic claim policy for the same medical cause

Increasing health cover year on year

In case of accident bodily injury there is no general waiting period for hospitalization or surgery.

There are no loans available under this policy

The policy can be revived within 2 years starting from the date of first unpaid premium.

Benefits of LIC Health insurance Policy

Under hospitalization cash benefits one can choose a cover of Rs1000-Rs4000 per day.

If any of the insured is hospitalized due to accidental injury or sickness and stays in hospital for more than 24 hours. The amount equal to the applicable daily benefits will be covered under the plan

If the insured is undergoing any day care procedure under this plan due to any medical emergency an approx. amount equal to the applicable daily benefits shall be paid irrespective of actual cost incurred.

In any case if the major surgical benefits fails in any event then the company will provide the emergency transportation cost by ambulance, an additional cost of approx. Rs1000 will be payble

If the insured individual undergoes a surgery which is not in the specified list, then a daily benefit equal to two timed the Applicable daily Benefit shall be paid for each extended period of 24 hours.

Due to accidental injury or sicknesses, if the insured individual undergoes a surgery within the plan period, then the respective benefit percentage for the eligible surgeries will be paid.

Coverage Offered By LIC Health insurance

There is no maturity benefits paid under the policy.

Any insured member can avail the hospitalization cash benefits if he/she is hospitalized due to accidental bodily injury or sickness.

Day care procedure benefits which is paid in Lump sum.

The insured person can avail the major surgical benefits if the person is undergoing any surgery within the policy period.

Under other surgical benefits the surgery that are not covered under the major surgical benefits will be covered under this.

You can avail the No claim benefits of you have a claim free year under the policy.

Unless one has opted for special rider benefit, no death benefit is payable on the death of the insured.