May 23, 2019 0

Common Problems Associated with the Car Braking System

Without a proper braking system, driving your car is not safe at all. It puts both the passengers and the pedestrians in risk. Every year, hundreds of people get involved in fatal accidents due to driving a car with a faulty braking system. Hence, the significance of a properly functioning braking system is quite evident.

Like all machineries, the car braking system wears and tears over time. Hence, it needs to be repaired or replaced to ensure safety. Keep an eye out for the following symptoms so that you can identify the correct time to check and repair the braking system:

  •  Screeching or squealing noise

If your hear noises every time you apply the brake, you should consider visiting a car service provider. Weird noises are a common indicator of worn out brake pads. It is paramount to address such problems as worn out brake pads significantly reduce the performance of the braking system and increase the chances of accidents. Also, delaying it could result in more expensive repairs.

  • Vibration in the brake pedal or steering wheel

In case you feel the brake pedal or steering wheel vibrating, you might consider inspecting the braking system. When the braking system cannot function properly due to wearing and tearing, it results in a vibrating brake pedal. Experts strictly recommend avoiding procrastinating it as in later stages, it will cost much higher.

  •  Inadequate efficiency

The brake pedal is designed to ensure that it is convenient for the driver to apply. However, this is not the case all the time. In case you feel like that you have to apply the brake pedal harder, it is a symptom that the car braking systemhas entered the first stage of deterioration and the brake pads have started to wear. Pay heed to such situations as ignoring them will eventually result in a more expensive repairing.

  • The burning smell near the tires

If you feel like that the tires are exuding a burning smell, stop the car immediately and contact any nearby car service provider. The brake assembly is a complicated mechanism and the burning smell can be a symptom of a lot of complications.To avoid any dangerous consequence, let the experts handle the situation. A brake inspection will reveal the cause.

  •  Brake warning light

The brake warning light indicator is one of the most obvious symptoms that the braking system needs attention. Experts strictly recommend not to delay the inspections.