Apr 29, 2017 15

Young boy follows father with cameras.

Well i had a camera in my hand since i was 8.. My father was a photographer he had a rolliflex, and had two.. So i started following him with my own..  

I used a hand held light meter still have today weston..    Use it with busch  speed graphic camera too with flash bulbs.  

Later found a canon 35 mm and  went nuts in high school with year book and sports photography .. We also had a darkroom in every house we live.. the first one was  a basement hallway..  with towel under the doors to stop the light from coming in..

I excelled in high school and later entered the us army as a photographer.

Took all kinds of pic... My greatest was General George Patton Jr.. in germany for the 5th corp 

After getting out the service had my own photography business ..  Finally too the jump tod digital with Sony..  currently semi retired  with Sony a77 mark 2 , sony 6300 with tamron lens..   The sony cameras are the best for sports my son played soccer, their focus system is the best  for following the subjects...