May 30, 2017 6

Is Buying a Factory Unlocked iPhone 6 the Best Bet?

The iPhone 6 it is, this amazing piece of technology can be classified into two categories: locked iPhone 6 and unlocked iPhone 6. Both types have their own pros and cons, but people in the UK have been laying great emphasis on the latter type i.e. Factory unlocked iPhone 6. End-users buy iPhone 6 unlocked as it surprises them with several great benefits which cannot be provided by its locked counterpart.

What are factory unlocked iPhone 6?

When we talk about factory unlocked iPhone 6, it seems suddenly so clear why people prefer unlocked iPhones over locked ones. No changes have been made to the hardware and software, so an end-user has the freedom to use an unlocked iPhone 6 with any network service provider.

Locked iPhone 6, on the other hand, is the handset that’s altered by a service provider after it’s taken out of the factory, and are tied with a specific provider for a certain period of time. People like to buy unlocked iPhone 6 because doing so gives them the convenience to switch from one provider to another simply by getting the SIM card changed.

Should I buy an unlocked iPhone 6? Is it really the best bet for me?

If you’ve buying using a factory locked iPhone 6 all these years and want to make a switch, the questions above will be definitely be there in your mind.

Can’t get your decide whether or not to go for unlocked iPhone 6? No Problem! We will examine some of the great advantages to buying an unlocked iPhone 6.

1.Changing Providers

What can (supposedly) be one of the biggest benefits of buying a factory unlocked iPhone 6 other than its flexibility to change mobile phone provider when needed? You don’t want to be tied to a specific provider until the contract period ends, do you? This happens when you buy a locked iPhone 6.

Factory unlocked iPhone 6 will give you a great relief as you won’t be tied to any provider and switch to some other provider when you want.

2.Great Savings

Factory unlocked iPhones are beneficial to end users as they help them save money in several ways. When the charges are increased by network service providers, you can look for the one that’s offering better rates for the service you’re looking for.

3.No Roaming Charges

When you buy unlocked iPhone 6, you don’t have to be worried about roaming charges that are enough to cost you an arm and a leg. Just buy a SIM card from the local carrier and you’re good to go.

4.No Contracts

When you buy iPhone 6 unlocked, there’s no need to worry about the contract and other restrictions that come equipped with a locked iPhone 6. You can change mobile phones or network service providers at any time as per your convenience.


The world of mobile phones has taken a great leap over the past few years, and so has their usage and reliability. With rapid improvements made in the mobile phone technology, people have been gaining immense benefits, including browsing the web, checking emails, watching a video, updating a status on Facebook, listening to songs and a lot more. Consumers can also make the most of different apps for an improved experience.

Buying an unlocked iPhone 6 is the best bet as it’ll be advantageous to you in the long run.