Apr 28, 2017 5

4 Checks You Must Perform When Buying a Used iPhone

If you want to purchase an iPhone, go to the Apple store and get one. Or, you can even ask your contract service to help you get an iPhone in a mint condition. What should you possibly do if you want to buy an iPhone in a used condition? Well, buying a used iPhone for sale is a wise decision to make if you are not willing to shell out hundreds of pounds on a brand new phone.

In spite of several great benefits provided to the user by a used iPhone, it’s important for you to know that this mobile phone will not be covered under warranty.

Now that you’ve made up your mind to buy a used iPhone, you must consider some important things before making the final call about the phone you want to grab.

1.Make Sure It’s a Real iPhone

It’s important for you to identify whether the iPhone you’re buying is original. It may come as a surprise to you that there are several fake iPhones or clones of originals being circulated in the market. A person who always keeps abreast of the latest technology would never settle for a fake iPhone, unless there’s no other option.

To begin with, check the weight of the iPhone, it should match with the actual iPhone’s weight. Now check the software. Have the phone turned on and check the installed OS. Keep in mind that the user interface should absolutely be the same as featured in iOS. And last but certainly not least, don’t you forget to test the serial number of the iPhone just to confirm it’s a better iPhone and not a copy.

2.Check for the Water Damage

There are cases when users sell their iPhones because these devices have suffered a water damage. Know that identifying a water damage is a tough job to do as you need to look for some signs that the phone really has suffered water damage.

But fortunately, most of these amazing pieces of technology come with a Liquid Damage Indicator (LCI). If the phone has been damaged by water or dropped into any liquid, the indicator will turn red.

3.Physical Buttons

Don’t you forget to pay attention to the iPhone buttons in your quest for searching for the original iPhone? An authentic iPhone will always have the home button located in the centre and the wake/sleep button will be found at the top right corner.

The ringer and volume button will be at the top left corner. And if any of these buttons are not placed where they’re supposed to, then the iPhone is not original.


Wondering what makes the iPhone box unique? Many people when buying an iPhone don’t think much about the box, but you should be aware of a fake box. The fake box will not have important details like bar code, serial number, model number and not to mention, the country name where the device was manufactured.


It’s of no use beating around the bush here - a new iPhone does not come cheap. A high-end iPhone is out of reach for most normal people. You’ve had your eye on the iPhone model, but your budget does not allow you to go for it. So, what’s the solution then? Get a used iPhone for sale. It’s as simple as that!