Jun 30, 2017 5

After a 30 year wait I got to complete not only one bucket list item but even more beyond my wildest dreams.

I first visited  Yosemite National Park as a teenager in 1987.  I was so amazed by this natural wonder that I told myself someday I will come back and hike this breathtaking  valley often called "the photographer's paradise"  Well, life happens and the years, decades had passed.  30 years later a hiking friend and myself decided to accomplish this bucket list item.  Oh, my what an adventure it was!!! I couldn't believe how much more amazing it was being on a intimate hike with the park and just not stopping here and there from a car.  I of course wanted a great camera to hike with and read many great reviews about the Sony A7 for hiking as it's small and lightweight and a full frame camera to capture all of those amazing natural features!!!  Upon returning back home I realized I had been bitten by the adventure bug.  I set out and visited 17 National Parks on mostly solo trips armed with my Sony A7.  Here was my campsite underneath the milky way in Grizzly Country in Yellowstone National Park.  Never have I ever thought I could accomplish such a task especially one as robust as these adventures!!!