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Useful Information On Police Record Checks In Canada

Police record checks can be understood as a kind of backgrounds check. It is possible for any individual to obtain it for the sake of employment, volunteering opportunities, and adoption and education programs. Criminal Record Check Canada is a process to verify if there exists a record or not. A majority of people with or without a criminal record might come across a need to request a police check at some point of time in their life. Since a number of employers and volunteering organizations are insisting on background checks, this has become a very common thing today.

Know your rights

It is important for every individual to know their rights when an employer or a volunteer organization demand a record check. In most provinces, persons cannot be discriminated based on their criminal convictions provided the conviction does not affect the ability of the person to do the job or place someone at risk. Before requesting for background check, the employer must ask the consent of the applicant. Also, the human rights legislations do not allow the employers to ask the applicants about criminal convictions in case a pardon or record suspension was obtained.

Know the process

When an individual seeks to get a background check for any arising reason, they must first visit the local police station. They have to fill out a form to request for the local police check. The fees for this service can vary between districts while it is done free of cost at some locations. Also the waiting time varies between districts. Apart from the waiting time and fees charged, getting a police record check is a relatively simple process. In the form, the applicant must mention the details including name, gender, date of birth, address over the last five years and the information on the driver’s license if needed.

What happens after the police record check

After the process is completed, the police will give information on whether the check gives results such as ‘clear’ or ‘not clear’. However, there is no further information provided on what kind of criminal conviction exists and the reasons why the record came back ‘not clear’.

Why the record can be ‘not clear’

There can be a number of reasons why a record is ‘not clear’. It can even happen in the absence of any criminal convictions. Those people with discharged, stayed or withdrawn charges can see this information on their records. Though this is never considered as a conviction, the outcome of the record check is rather negative and needs to be remedied through the right procedures. If an individual has the same name and date of birth as the one who committed a crime, the record check will return as ‘not clear’. This is because the local police uses only name and date of birth to retrieve the required information. The confusion between two individuals can therefore occur. In such case, the subject can request for a more in-depth police check using finger prints which are unique for every person.

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