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How To Get A Free Criminal record Check In Canada

Running a record check on someone must never be viewed as an act of mistrust. There are several reasons that necessitate a criminal record check. In many cases, this can be a legal mandate. When you wish to run a criminal record check on someone in Canada, the only way to do it is to access the RCMP database because no other information network has any access to criminal records.

It can’t happen free of cost

Getting such kind of official information while attempting a criminal record check can never be free. For an official check to ascertain if there are any criminal records, it is necessary to move through some group or company or agency that has access to the police records. If you are trying to volunteer for a group that needs a criminal record check before letting you participate, you might have to spend some money in the process.

How to get it for free?

There is a way to get criminal record check free of cost. It is by applying for a job that requires the employers to perform a criminal check on the applicants. In these cases, if you are able to clear a certain threshold for selection, the employers will bear the cost of criminal record check. One downside to this is that you will not be given the complete details of the results. The other alternative way to conduct a criminal record check free of cost is online criminal record check Canada. This method requires you to put in some good efforts.

Online criminal record check

For getting a criminal record check, you will have to move through the official channels. However, you can conduct a general criminal record check on your own. When you wish to hire someone for a social media or marketing position, you will want to see what kind of social media presence the individual has. Also when you have gone on a date with someone, you might wish to know more details about the person and regarding their presence on the internet.

Inputs you will need

When you wish to perform an online criminal record check, you will just need the name and physical address of the individual. A lot of people of the millennial generation are very active on the social media and it is hence very easy to track about them. It is very easy to find people on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks to know their interests and how they prefer to interact with their contacts and others.

Why must you pay for it?

When you wish to get an official criminal record check, you cannot overtake paying the necessary fees while applying through the proper channels. This is never free and accessing the police database is going to cost you some money. Nevertheless, understand that paying a small fee to perform a criminal record check in Canada is worth the spending when you look forward to hire someone or wish to learn about your own status.

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