Dec 11, 2017 3

Would Wireless ATM Machines Work for Business?

Improving the design of the ATM machine to make it wireless and therefore more portable and flexible is an advancement that some wonder about. Is it as secure as traditional technology? Yes – in some cases, even more so. Is it fully-featured. Of course – anything your regular ATM machine can do, so can its new wireless cousin. Is it really necessary? That depends on who you ask, but here, we’ll make a case for why it may not only be necessary, but also be the smartest business decision you ever make!

Who Need a Wireless ATM?

There are several types of venue that wireless ATM machines would be most at home. These include:

  • Concert and festival locations, especially those where part or all of the activity is outdoors.
  • Theme parks and amusement parks.
  • Carnivals, fair grounds and traveling festival locations.
  • Farmer’s markets or flea markets.
  • Pools, water parks and other outdoor locations that may require cash payment.
  • State and national parks.
  • Zoos and other tourist attractions.
  • Shopping centers and food courts, where part of the location is outdoors or away from traditional housings for ATM machines.
  • Beach locations, where cold drinks and refreshments and gift shop merchandise may be of interest to consumers who find a hard time locating cash services.

Anywhere a person in need of money can go, so should an ATM go. With the ability to have these machines go wireless, that’s a real possibility. Your clients and customers will no longer have to wait in tremendous lines, half a mile or more from your entrance gate to get the cash they need, only to find that they didn’t take out enough to meet their needs once they arrive. With wireless ATM machines, they can get the money they want, go on about enjoying their day outdoors or in remote locations, and return to the ATM should the need arise. It’s easier for them, and better for you – a real win-win situation!

Not Just for Outdoor Areas!

Though there is certainly an argument to be made that wireless ATM technology is the savior of business owners whose locations reside primarily outdoors, there’s no reason why these are the only places where these futuristic and super-convenient machines can be utilized. Anywhere you and your shoppers or patrons need money on the go, a wireless ATM machine is welcome.

Consider this: Unlike a traditional cash machine, wireless machines are portable. Set one up where you need it, when you need it. Is your business or location one that isn’t fixed? No problem. Pick your machine up and transport it along with everything else. Wherever there is an electrical outlet, so can there be an ATM machine with this cutting-edge technology. Without need for permanent structures to house it, your machine can be set up under an outdoor tent, or just as easily slid into place between vending machines in a mall, moved into a concert location’s hallway, or set up within walking distance of the main action at a convention or seminar. Once your event is over, pack up your presentation and your mobile cash machine and be on your way! Simple as that.

All of this convenience makes smart business sense for modern brands and organizations. If you’re looking for the pinnacle of convenience and user-friendly access to the cash your customers need, contact your local or online retailer of ATM machines now, and ask about wireless ATM options.