Jan 18, 2018 6

Top Ten Health Benefits of Food Grade Acetic Acid

An average American household spends hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year on products specifically marketed to make them feel, smell or look better. The medicine cabinet and bathroom closet become the home to various products to treat everything from acid reflux to foot odor. Hours spent roaming the isles of stores could be saved by one trip to the kitchen cupboard for a bottle of apple cider vinegar. The main ingredient of apple cider vinegar is food grade acetic acid. Acetic acid fights against bacteria and other foreign bodies. This one product has been used to treat many conditions, the top ten are:

1. Acid Reflux

The solution helps balance your stomach pH and treat acid reflux naturally by neutralizing stomach acid. A small amount mixed with water is recommended.

2. Digestion Aid

Acetic acid acts as a natural antibiotic killing harmful bacteria and providing good bacteria. This process helps your body breakdown food. Good digestion is key to many health benefits, including reducing bloating.

3. Blood Glucose Maintenance

Taken with meals, the solution might help slow the absorption of carbohydrates into the blood, or slow the breakdown of starches into sugar. This helps to regulate blood glucose. Taken at bedtime, the solution might promote insulin production.

4. Fighting Fatigue

Improved digestion can improve the way your body uses calories and therefore increase your energy level.

5. Weight Loss

Ingesting apple cider vinegar, which contains acetic acid, may reduce sugar cravings. Ingredients in the solution may interfere with the body’s ability to digest starch, reducing the number of calories available from a meal.

6. Treating Burns

Antiseptic properties help prevent infection and can be used to soothe minor burns and sunburns. Use in a cool bath, well diluted in a spray bottle or by dipping a washcloth into the mixture of apple cider vinegar and water and patting affected areas.

7. Bruise Healer

Heal bruises quicker by soaking a bandage in the vinegar and applying it to the bruise for one hour. Anti-inflammatory properties will help soothe the skins and speed the recovery process.

8. Bug Bite Treatment

The acid in the vinegar will nix the itch and the bite will become reduced in size and heal faster. A half vinegar, half water solution is also a safe, inexpensive flea treatment for your dog or cat.

9. Skin Care

From reducing the darkness of age spots, deep cleansing your pores, to treating acne, pimples and blemishes. Food grade acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar provides many skin care benefits. It can also be used as a deodorant, foot deodorizer and to treat razor bumps.

10. Hair Care

Effectively treats itchy scalp and dandruff. It also removes build-up from hair products, making hair shiny and lustrous.

Always use the product correctly, and dilute as recommended. If you are interested in purchasing food grade acetic acid, ensure that it meets all requirements of the Food Chemical Codex. Buy from a company that produces it under good practices, free from harmful impurities and sold under its own name.