Oct 16, 2017 7

Planning to Lease an ATM? Expect These 5 Benefits

If you have started to look for ATMs, there is a major possibility that you have finally understood the different ways in which it can benefit your business. When it comes to installing an ATM in your business facility, you can either buy the ATM or lease it. While the cost of ATMs has decreased considerably in the past few years, leasing an ATM also has its own benefits.

Let us take a look at some benefits of leasing an ATM:

1. Cost-efficient

Needless to say, the most important reason for someone to consider leasing an ATM rather than buying is the high upfront investment which comes with buying. When you lease an ATM, the upfront cost reduces greatly, making it easier for you to start gaining the benefits that an ATM can offer to your business.

Moreover, you can start earning from the month the ATM is installed, allowing you to easily pay the lease amount each month.

2. Budget friendly

As the lease payment remains the same throughout the lease duration, it is much easier to determine the monthly budget. As a business owner, it is important to have a budget in place to ensure that all the expenses are rightly covered.

Moreover, many of the merchants now also offer free customer support and warranty on machinery parts to make sure that the ATM delivers the expected results without requiring any additional expenses.

3. Flexible lease duration

Depending on your budget, you can easily select preferred lease duration. The lease duration usually ranges between 12-60 months. Shorter the duration, higher is the lease amount, and vice versa for long duration.

This means that you can now get an ATM installed in your business facility with minimum investment. The monthly lease amount can be as low as $75. Moreover, you can also increase the lease amount at a later stage.

4. Tax benefits

The capital expenses are treated differently than the operating expenses by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Business can usually write off the operating expenses in the year during which they are incurred. However, capital expenses are required to be deducted over time.

The ATM lease amount can be considered an operating expense and can be written off or waived when calculating taxes.

5. Helps use high-end ATMs

When it comes to buying an ATM, many buyers limit themselves to the more affordable line of ATMs due to the high cost of advanced machines.

When you lease the ATM, you get the option to choose more affordable or even a high-end machine as you are only required to pay a minimal upfront cost. This makes it easier for you to pick an ATM with better features that can help your customers.

Leasing an ATM helps one gain several benefits. If buying an ATM is not an option for you, you can still earn additional income and receive several business benefits by leasing an ATM. Consider the above mentioned benefits before making a choice and you’ll surely make the right decision.