Oct 05, 2017 7

10 Cozy Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

An outdoor fireplace is an excellent feature which not only expands the living space but does a great job of enhancing the value of your home. Be it enjoying a cold winter with family or hosting a party; a fireplace is sure to make outdoors, more fun and exciting for you and your family.

But to achieve these results, proper planning of fireplace is very important. The design of the fireplace is one of the most important considerations and should be dealt with care. If you are aiming for a cozy fireplace, we have ten amazing ideas for you.

1. Stone Fireplace

If you are aiming to add some textural interest in your outdoor fireplace, one with a stucco-finish can be a great option. The columns and siding can be made from bricks while the ceiling can be made from metal. Rough-cut stones can be considered for flooring.

2. Imitate the Interiors

You can replicate the comforts of your home to the fireplace. You can add a coffee table, sectional sofas, rugs, etc. Look for elements from the interiors that can be taken outdoors. Attractive mirror, outdoor fabrics in warm colors and designer light fixtures can be considered.

3. Add a Focal Point

Create a fireplace which works as a focal point of an outdoor setting. The hues surrounding the fireplace can echo the patio surrounding the fireplace to make it look unique. The surrounding areas can be decorated with artwork and decorative grates.

4. Built-in Seating

If you are spending a lot of time outdoors, built-in seating can be a great option for you. The built-in seating should be cleverly designed and can include “L” shaped seating arrangement to offer enhanced comfort to the back for long hours.

5. Mix and Match

Sprinkle some round stones in the surrounding areas of the fireplace to add some interesting contrast to an otherwise solid design. You can use stones and bricks in uneven patterns to create a warm and cozy feeling.

6. Add a Traditional Touch

Consider a traditional design for your fireplace. The classic brick design where the hearth extends beyond the fireplace would look amazing. You can use boxwood shrubs, wooden latticework, or edible paintings to enhance the traditional feel further.

7. Use Local Materials

You can also use local resources like stone and wood to design the fireplace. Irregularly-shaped, tall stone along with classic wooden furniture and other items which can only be found locally. Seashells and river stones are also great for decoration.

8. Multifunctional Fireplace

Build a two-sided fireplace which can divide an outdoor dining space and a seating area. You can use accents made from brick for the chimney and firebox to make the fireplace look grounded.

9. Add Some Contrast

Install a heavy wooden mantel above a fireplace surrounded by stones. You can use the mantle as a candle display and can also install a windowpane above it.

10. Painted Pretty

Imitate the same color on the outdoor of your home on the fireplace too. Build a large hearth around it for additional seating space and place a small bonsai close to the fireplace. Use your own imagination for decoration.

These are some of the top design ideas which you can consider for your fireplace. Just remember that the fireplace should be something that perfectly resembles that outdoor space that you want to create. Pick a design from the options mentioned above and work your imagination on them to create a unique setting.