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Tips To Get Most Out From A Janitorial Bid

Hiring a good janitorial company for your workspace and home space can bring out the best from you. And the best way to hire a company is by issuing a janitorial bid. This will not only let you explore all best possibilities but will also help you get a better insight about the companies. But to get the most from this, you need to have hold of few points.

Points you need to consider when you are hiring a janitorial company through a janitorial bid process.

•  First and foremost; ascertain your cleaning requirement and then consider only those agencies who are working with the clients of your business size and requirements.

•  Next, list down your service expectations, i.e. how often you will need their service and in what interval.

•  Also, make sure to do a proper research about the reputation of the company. Check online, talk to the previous clients or you can even check the testimonials.

•  Ensure to have a clear picture about the services staff by including their background test, drug test, and bonding status.

•  Is the janitorial cleaning company is providing the green cleaning services? Is hiring this company is safe for the health of you, your staff, visitors and the overall image of your business?

•  Don’t forget to consider the insurance coverage status of the company; if there is a loss to your property during the cleaning process, what will be the compensation plan?

•  Remember to ask: What are their backup plans in case of any mis-happening such as if there any disaster - in what time the cleaning is expected to respond?

Also don’t forget to ask points like:

•  Is your presence required while the cleaning team is performing their duties?

•  Will they adjust schedules as per your special requirement?

•  Ask for discount prices if the contract is for the period of more than one year.

•  The detail of concerned the person to which the service related problems can be made; his name, position, contact number, meeting or calling time etc.

•  In case when you are not satisfied with any scheduled cleaning, will the company repeats the schedule without any additional charges?

•  Discuss the managing and administrative staff deeply and detail and unless you find them trustworthy don’t finalize the deal.

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