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Try Seafood Restaurants In Sandton For Good Food

There are a chain of restaurants that give you great value for every seafood meal. Of course, their exceptional value comes with the friendliest service and the best seafood. You can find them at multiple international locations, serving mouth-watering sushi and seafood. Find out South Africa’s favourite seafood restaurant, committed to giving you delicious seafood and that ‘home-away-from-home’ to remind you of what it’s like to sit at the family table and share a meal with your nearest and dearest ones.

Experiment with Mediterranean type of menu

The Seafood Restaurants in Sandton offer an array of Mediterranean inspired dishes from sushi, calamari and prawns to the famous fish and chips and, of course, the legendary creamy lemon sauce. Visit any of the restaurants of your choice to share one of the bountiful platters, dip your prawn into the trio of sauces or dig into the complimentary bread.

Apart from other dishes, hake and kingklip are there on the platter to satiate your taste buds. The seafood restaurant includes a fresh fish deli. Restrictions are imposed on what could be sold; only one wine and a limited choice of soft drinks were served. Customers are invited and encouraged to bring their own drinks and salads.

Passion and love pulls the customer

Fats’ mom, Liza Lazarides entice the customers with a touch of her own special magic, and Best Seafood Restaurant in Durban has always had a family inspiration behind it. The crew harps on ethos of serving every single customer with love and passion forever. Today, Mama Liza continues to bake Kataifi and Baklava desserts and whips up the delicious dips too.

Now there are over 200 of seafood restaurants in 19 countries around the globe from Nelspruit to Nigeria, Dubai to Durban. The customers keep coming back for delicious seafood, famous fish and chips, irresistible creamy lemon sauce and the warmth of the welcoming staff.