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The Johannesburg Sea Food Restaurants Serve The Tastiest Sea Foods

Are you tired of dining with that boring home cooked food from breakfast to dinner? Then the different Johannesburg sea food restaurants bring a complete solution to all your problems.

When it comes to having something really exotic, sea food is the very thing that most of the people think about. And Johannesburg is all the way ready to serve their customers with some of the most delectable sea foods, that too in a luxurious ambience.

Being a city of different cultures, Johannesburg has been experiencing the confluence of different cuisines of different regions, and has been successful in innovating their own versions of sea foods, that feels like heaven in the mouth when you are gorging onto them.

Why the sea foods of Johannesburg are so special?

Most of the people are into this misconception that being far away from the coast, doesn’t let Johannesburg to make the best of seafood. The different restaurants in Johannes burg makes the use of fresh and best quality ingredients, while making their sea foods and if you too want to tickle your taste buds with the exquisite taste of sea foods then Johannesburg is the only place you need to hit.

Some of the famous seafood dishes that the various restaurants in Johannesburg offers are the creamy white wine and seafood spaghetti, the Portuguese style oven baked line fish ,the very famous hake goujouns in a beer batter , prawn pasta cooked in tomato feta sauce to name a few.


The seafood restaurants in Johannesburg, provide with a homely ambience, accompanied by a generous amount of opulence, and when you are about you begin with your dining you will get the feeling of being at home.

The best seafood restaurants in Cape Town

Cape Town is surrounded by coastlines on all its three sides and is also the merging point of the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans n hence, an amalgamation of the warm and cool water gives birth to a pleasant marine eco system, making it a the best sea food centre.

The famous seafood restaurants in Cape town are trying their level best to make the most mouth-watering sea foods of its time.

Some sea food specialties in Cape Town worth trying

The finest sea food restaurants in Cape Town are making sure that they serve some of the most delectable sea food delicacies that stays in the form of a gastronomic celebration in the mind of their eaters.

So what are those specialties that compel the food lovers to come to Cape Town time and again???

Phyllo fish pie, squid ink prawn pasta, the mouth-watering creamy garlic white wine mussels are some of the most popular sea foods that are available for the customers.


The laid- back, informal set ups of these restaurants, give you an out and out homely feeling, and you will get the feeling of dining with your family members, and due to the compact sitting arrangements that surely indulges a sociable interactive session.

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