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All you need to know about seafood restaurants in Johannesburg and Durban

The best seafood restaurants in Johannesburg will be an ideal eating-place to taste a variety of seafood dishes of the highest quality with the mouth watering flavour. Although a bit costly, you will get the real worth of your money spending on excellent cuisine. While these restaurants involve serving a range of seafood, most of them will specialize in shellfish and fish. Moreover, the price of the seafood may vary from season to season as well as the availability of fish varieties. Some seafood restaurants will also serve non-seafood varieties, such as beef and chicken dishes.

Similarly, seafood restaurants in Durban may specialize in the preparation and serving of fresh seafood, rather than frozen produces. Some restaurants in both Johannesburg as well as in Durban will offer retail sales of seafood, as well, to make customers take their home to prepare according to their taste. All seafood restaurants in both cities may have a marine-themed decoration, with beautification, such as nautical pictures, fishnets, and buoys.

Midscale and upscale seafood restaurants in Johannesburg and Durban may provide more varieties of seafood dishes when compared to quick-service ones. Most of these restaurants will be located on a waterfront or close to the seashore. Fare in these restaurants will usually consist of fresh as well as frozen fish, crawfish, shellfish, shrimp, lobster, crab, oysters, as well as mussels. Some will feature with an open bar area where uncooked shellfish products, such as raw oysters are prepared.

There are other types of seafood restaurants in Johannesburg, popularly known as fresh local restaurants. These eating-places will mainly specialize in fresh, prime cut meats, local seafood, and other fresh produce. They will work with local farmers and anglers to offer the finest possible product. Only the award-winning Chefs will skilfully prepare the seafood in the highest quality restaurants. All dishes are prepared with the intention of leaving the taste buds of customers to crave more.

Most seafood restaurants in Durban and Johannesburg offer a huge collection of wines, as well, to suit even the finickiest of flavours. These restaurants are the ideal place for those who have plans to host an event or a party. They will be a paradise of seafood lovers, as these restaurants will offer fresh, tasty shellfish and other fish food varieties.

There are traditional restaurants in Johannesburg and Durban, where people can have a conventional dining experience. These restaurants will usually focus on serving peel-and-consume shrimp, oysters, and crabs. They will also supply other favourites, in addition to local foods that are prepared from freshly caught fish.

Locals, as well as visitors alike, will visit most of the seafood restaurants in Johannesburg and Durban. Their menu will include a variety of seafood, ranging from peel-and-eat shrimp and lobster bisque to blackened Mahi-Mahi and crab cakes. The menu will also contain other fish dishes, such as parched tilapia, crunchy-scored grouper Florentine and flounder, and shellfish favourites, including Dungeness crab legs, fried shrimp, and a low country simmer. Meat enthusiasts can decide from a fine collection of chicken, steaks dishes and much more.