Apr 30, 2017 5

The 4K Cameras & Products

4K Adventures For Sony Products 

I recently bought a new computer with a 4K resolution screen & I7 chip.

What is important to know is that the external DVD's out for sale at this time whatever brand (r/rw blue ray or not) do not support the computer & you will have to purchase outside software:firmware to view blue ray cds

To play films or write.  Of course

So far I have not found a portable 

R/RW 4K DVD player for the laptop.  Good to know because the resolution of the 4K Sony cameras are beautiful & 2 or 3 or more as detailed as 1080 including the movies you can record as well as pictures.  Everything less will go backward to 1080.  Pictures in 4k are beautiful.  However be advised that in the new 4k Computers they will not load the software coming in the box let alone 4K to play any type of CD/RW or movie.

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