Jul 11, 2018 12

The Pros and Cons of Project Management Outsourcing

Generally, the outsourcing business has seen an extensive development from the data innovation (IT) sector. This offered ascend to business process outsourcing and now information process outsourcing. Can project management be outsourced? Shockingly, this idea is still in its early stages. Based on the development in outsourcing of different business forms, there is, by all accounts, an open door. As you grapple with choices about outsourcing project management(PM), you can fight the arguments by knowing project management outsourcing pros and cons, the major part of which are compiled below.

Pros and Cons of Project Management Outsourcing


  1. Objectivity: There is barely an organization that is not polluted by office politics. This significantly hampers the performance of an employee, irrespective of his/her department. Similarly, a project manager working within the industry is likely to get involved in such dirt and end up working below his/her potential. By outsourcing project management, your organization can benefit to a great extent because the manager would be independent and oblivious to the settled culture of your organization, something that gives him/her an out-of-the-box perspective.
  2. Authoritativeness: A pro from outside is at times seen as some sort of a know-it-all (though not always true), so in such cases individuals inside association can be more instigated to concur with a strategy recommended by an outside master than with one proposed by their partner from inside the association. With time, however, this predisposition tends to blur away as the more sensible view sets in. This is one of the major outsourcing trends in project management.
  3. Cost Effectiveness: Cost is one of the principle preferences of outsourcing project management. Having in-house assets devoted to overseeing everyday tasks of a totally topographically scattered team is a potential cost to the organization all by itself. In addition, diverting internal employees from project to project can be particularly expensive to an organization. It will certainly be less expensive for a firm to contract out administrations to an outsourcing company in India that is more talented in management.


  1. Increased Dependency: You can end up depending solely on rented minds, enabling your own staff to feel overlooked and untrained. In case they don't take up a noteworthy task, you can't anticipate that they will pick up the learning you need. They may feel you denied them of their responsibilities by outsourcing project management and anticipating that they should follow along.
  2. Loss of Control: Out of the many pros and cons of outsourcing project management, one major con is that you might end up losing control of your project. The center group relies upon different organizations that they have no immediate authority over. Even if one of the partners fails to deliver, the entire project could fall apart.
  3. Project Security: Since a different organization is involved in the process, there is a significant chance of the project being leaked out. This can be risky if the contractual worker additionally works for your rival. Another matter of worry is confidentiality and organizations must be extremely watchful while outsourcing stuff like finance, interpretations as well as insurance data.


While outsourcing your project could be really beneficial, as mentioned above, certain things if unaddressed, could lead to a major project failure. One has to look for a good outsourcing company carefully before giving them away the authority to manage their projects. This needs a good research and knowledge of the outsourcing trends in project management.