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Discover the Mystic Beauty of Kerala on a Kerala Houseboat

The best way to douse in the calming serenity and unbound beauty of backwaters in Kerala is to plan a stay in one of the best houseboats in Kumarakom. People often ask tour operators in Kerala, to plan a not-so-crowded holiday for them, for such vacationers, Kumarakom is the ultimate destination. Also, people who know that Alleppey and Kumarakom are two popular places for houseboat stay, we are picking Kumarakom over Alleppey because the latter is a busy place and people visit such places for serenity.

Houseboat stay – Beauty and the Eexperience

Far from the maddening crowd, Kerala Houseboats – particularly Kumarakom – bring about a calming stay. These houseboats are nothing but the exotic suits sailing in the backwaters surrounded by greenery, over and done with a network of salty lagoons, canals and vast lakes. For the honeymooners, the romance and comfort of these houseboats will make your honeymoon all the more special.

Best Time to Plan a Vacation at Kumarakom Houseboats

November – February is the best time to plan a vacation at Kumarakom houseboats. The weather conditions are ideal with a temperature of around 15-20-degree Celsius.

Important Tip – Monsoon is not the best time to plan a houseboat vacation because of heavy rainfall.

A Look at the Some of the Most Popular Houseboats in Kumarakom

The Kumarakom houseboats are nothing less than the bucket full of lavish offerings and sloaded with exceptional enchantments. Depending on the number of people travelling, you can select from an extensive variety of stay-options available. Here we are listing down some of these stay options, with details on size, luxury and tariff.

1) The Hush Baby, Amrutham Houseboat – People who want serenity for their vacation must hire the Amrutham Houseboat. The houseboat comes decked with all the cutting-edge facilities and conveniences. They have an extensive variety of packages and plans curated to meet your luxury requirements. Likewise, there are a lot of attractions to keep you relaxed while making you feel home.

Special Attractions: local village sightseeing, fish catching, facility for swimming and canoe boating.

Tariff: Starts from INR 21,000/night

2) A Decorated Ride, Olala Cruise – What define this decorated ride is its comfortable accommodation, a fully operated kitchen and ample facilities. The eco-friendly factors of Olala Cruise, complimented by the contemporary stylistic layout makes this ride a well-liked stay in the backwaters of Kumarakom. Food servings here are highly appreciated – guests can choose from Indian, Chinese and continental seafood.

Special Attractions: Candle light dinner, overnight cruise

Tariff: Starts from INR 21,000/night

3) An Urbane Boathouse, Thathwamasi Premium Houseboats – The fascinating interior designs makes Thathwamasi Premium Houseboats, a dominant stay. Every accommodation is different from other, which is the prime reason why this fleet hogs the limelight. Besides, its super comfortable rooms and dedicated team to help you get most out of your stay, some premium houseboats also offer an airy upper deck for conferences and business meetings.

Special Attractions: motor boat cruises, speed boat, canoeing and above all Ayurvedic massages.

Tariff: Starts from INR 20,000/night

4) The Eco-friendly Aqua Jumbo Houseboat – Into the backwaters of Kumarakom, the Aqua Jumbo houseboat is nothing but a tranquilizing hideout. The green tours, majestic nature and magnificent scenery will add to your favourite stay here. Besides other comfort features, the features that make this a popular houseboat include: airport pick and drop and trained staff.

Special Attraction: Elephant Safari

Tariff: Starts from INR 17,500/night

5) Pleasure on water with Paradise Houseboat – Fully furnished rooms, gourmet food and well-maintained and clean houseboat are some of the words found in the feedback of travellers of Paradise houseboat. The scenic interiors and exciting activities, the stay here on this houseboat is all refreshing.

Special Attraction: Nature walks, indoor games and above all, use of infinity pools

Tariff: Starts from INR 12,000/night

6) Lavish yet reasonably priced, Kumarakom Houseboat Holidays – Be it a family tour package, Kerala excursion package or the very romantic honeymoon package – this luxurious and affordable houseboat has got you covered. For achieving best exploration of Kumarakom backwaters, the guests must come to Kumarakom Houseboat Holidays. The houseboat ensures that they connect their guests with the cultural and historical diversities of the region.

Special Attraction: Chef for Indian, Chinese and Continental delicacies, 24hr running water

Tariff: Starts from INR 12,000/night

7) The Divine Enchantress, Backwater Retreat Houseboats – The outlandish location with most romantic vibes gives these houseboats an edge over its competitors. Private, secure and soulful environs, makes for an ultimate and perfect honeymoon setting. Other features include: Fine dining and premier services.

Special Attraction: Sightseeing, exploring the popular spice market, fishing and boat ride.

Tariff: Starts from INR 3,750/night

Kumarakom houseboats are floating beauties, which ensure that you get to witness the glorious shades of nature and make your vacation in Kerala nothing less than a dream vacation. For more information and bookings, contact the tour operators in Kerala and start planning to live your dream.