May 03, 2018 3

NicoCaara Recipes Page PSD - Final

This month just past, we launched with our first ever in-store cafe at our flagship in The Chanakya. NicoCaara, in collaboration CAARA (Culinary Arts & Research Academy) (hyperlink to another journal post) works with seasonal produce with a special focus on local ingredients. This time around we’re combating the Indian summer with a refreshing and super-light yet wholesome salad that’ll leave you with a spring in your step. Plus, soothing fresh mint — we pick those off the plant and nibble, so a perennial favourite we always go back to.

The Asian Pear

Keep it looking lush long after you’ve prepped this little beauty

Summer style allthe way from Bentota

All you need is a subtle vinaigrette for flavour and that dewy sheen


30 Minutes

2 People


You will need

Toasted pumpkin seeds Asian

1 tablespoon

Pear (thinly sliced)

300 grams

Celery stalks (chopped small)

120 grams

Mint leaves

20 grams

Asian cucumber (thinly sliced)

300 grams

Watercress (micro herbs)

100 grams

Rice vinegar

1 tablespoon (a dash)


1.5 tablespoon (a dollop)

Olive Oil

1 tablespoon (a drizzle)

Crumbled feta cheese

4 tablespoon

Pomegranate seeds, toasted cumin seeds, and dried chilli flakes

1 teaspoon each (a sprinkle) 

Step 1

Heat the pan on a low flame and dry fry the pumpkin seeds 

Step 2 

Toss the olive oil, rice vinegar and honey for the dressing and season with salt and pepper 

Step 3 

Mix the vegetables + fruit and the dressing you’ve prepped so far. Sprinkle the greens with crumbled feta cheese, roasted and crushed cumin seeds, and dried chilli flakes.

Step 4

For the perfect finishing touch, drizzle olive oil and garnish with edible flowers and pomegranate seeds for that pop of colour, and roasted pumpkin seeds for some crunch.